The Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Lighting

The Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Strategy

What’s the best outdoor lighting strategy- do you want to emphasize landscape features, highlight the warmth of your entryway, or maximize security? The good news is that all can be achieved with the same strategy. Any added lighting to the outside of the home will increase its curb appeal for potential buyers, add a welcoming feeling to guests, and increase night visibility for added security.

Entryway Lighting

First and most importantly, entryway lighting is the most essential element to an effective outdoor lighting strategy. It tells people where the entryway is located and illuminates the area around the entrance, minimizing time looking for keys and reducing potential injuries from tripping and falling in the dark. The front entrance is very important to illuminate, but adding lights near every entrance should be done at the same time as the front (and is equally important).

If you can afford it, wall lights with cameras are a great option. Having a recording of people dropping off packages or suspicious people approaching the door is extremely valuable if any issues occur.

Special Mention

Video doorbells are a great alternative to front entryway video light fixtures. Most popular video doorbell options integrate into other smart home applications and have great apps to have live video and 2-way voice communication with people who are at the front door.

Porch Lights

Porch lights are important if the entryway lighting does not illuminate the entire porch. Having dark spots on a porch increases the potential for injury and makes it more difficult to see clearly when walking across the porch.


Floodlights are an essential part of the outdoor security strategy. While video floodlights are great, they are not necessary. A good motion detector or dusk-to-dawn floodlight will work well to illuminate the edges of the house and other important areas. These can aid in illuminating a part of the driveway where cars are parked.

Post and Driveway Lights

While not necessary, both light types provide a good-looking illumination to driveways. Note: post lights can be used anywhere but are most common near driveways. Due to the fact that they provide a very low illumination to cost ratio, they are not a necessary element in the lighting strategy.

Landscape lighting

If set up properly, landscape lighting can provide a high level of illumination to the surrounding areas of the home. This type of lighting should be considered when implementing an outdoor lighting strategy. The fact that landscape lighting can be installed incrementally as money is available makes this option an attractive one.

As this guide describes, lighting is an important element to the outside of the home. It increases curb appeal and personal safety. Following this guide and selecting the necessary elements that fit your style and budget will give your home a welcoming, secure feeling for years to come.

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