25 Grossest Areas of the Home that People Forget to Clean

25 Grossest Areas of the Home that People Forget to Clean

  1. Inside of Kitchen Trash Can

It is surprising how when always using a trash bag, how debris still gets in the bottom of the trash can. Also, a lot of debris can build up quickly if trash is allowed to make contact with the upper lid before changing the trash bag. Cleaning the trash can is something I loathe, and I would rather buy a new trash can than reach my arm and face in to clean the bottom of the can. However, it’s not very economical to buy a new trash can every few months.

How I get past this is to take the trash can outside and spray it with a 50/50 Simple Green and water mix, let it sit for the recommended time on the bottle, then wash it out with a garden hose. I still have to wipe the lid if there are things stuck to it, but this method greatly alleviates my stress over cleaning trash cans.

  1. Toothbrush holder

Even when rising off a toothbrush after use, the holder can build toothpaste and bacteria that looks like a petri-dish after a while. Cleaning the toothbrush holder weekly can prevent bacteria growth.

  1. Handrails

This is another large offending item for me, and I assume, for a lot of people. While public handrails are at the top of peoples’ list for things assumed dirty and not to touch, the same feeling doesn’t transfer to the home. However, grime builds up on handrails and can be kept at bay by wiping them down with a cleaning wipe once a month.

  1. Ice cube trays

Ice cube trays build up gunk and little pieces of debris with time. Almost nothing is more disgusting than opening an ice bin to see dust, old food, and hair in the bottom. The ice cube bin is definitely something that gets overlooked by a lot of people until they have a hair sticking out of their ice cube. Fortunately, cleaning ice cube trays and bins are extremely easy. Dump the ice into the sink and wash with soap and water. I don’t follow any set cleaning schedule and clean them when there are signs of debris.

  1. Garbage disposal splash guard

I saved the most disgusting item for last – the garbage disposal splash guard. Splash guards build up food particles underneath and in the corners, and can develop mold. It is not widely known the splash guard is press-in and can be very easily removed. For the sake of safety, I will recommend searching for methods to remove the guard as I do not recommend putting fingers in the garbage disposal opening. When the guard is removed, it can be soaked in an anti-bacterial solution, scrubbed, and pressed back into place.

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